Zach Bryan Says He Wrote “Heading South” In Only Five Minutes

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It’s truly amazing how gifted some artists are when it comes to creating a song.

Us regular, non-musically inclined folk don’t realize just how difficult putting together a hit song can be, considering you have to string together a captivating story, a melody, the arrangement… then of course, actually play and sing it well… there’s a reason why people pay the big bucks to see the best of the best.

Of course, sometimes all you need is a catchy hook about beer and trucks, but that’s another story…

And the songwriting process varies from artist to artist, pretty much the same way songs vary from artist to artist. Some like to have a drink in a quiet place, maybe light up a smoke, while others search for inspiration in nature. Some sit down with the goal to write a few songs, and some pull out the pen whenever the moment strikes.

And then sometimes you just have to meet a bunch of strangers in a corporate office and check off a list of buzzwords… but once again, that’s another story…

Zach Bryan recently weighed in on his songwriting process, revealing how many of his songs begin with a poem.

Responding to a curious fan, he tweeted out:

“People ask how I write often and all I say is I start by writing poems and end by making it into a song, some take five minutes and some take five months.

Truly I think God just gave me something I don’t deserve with the melody aspect”


Of course, that then brought up the question, which song took him only five minutes to write.

Zach Bryan fan Mitchell Morgan asked him that same question, and to my surprise, Bryan responded:

“Heading South.”

We’re talking about arguably his biggest hit to date, and while I suppose how you measure a hit is kind of subjective, “Heading South” does have more streams on Spotify than any other Zach Bryan song…

And all it took was five minutes… impressive.

“Heading South”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock