Padres & Dodgers Fans Knuckle Up In Crazy Two-On-Two Bleacher Brawl

Dodgers Padres fight

Ah, baseball is BACK.

Nothing, I mean nothing… beats a day at the ol’ ballpark.

The smell of fresh cut grass and grilled hot dogs, the sound of a crisp refreshing Bud Light tall boy pouring into a stadium cup, and the sight of two drunken degenerates throwing hands in the bleachers… god, I love it.

Sure, we may only be a couple weeks into the season, but by God, we’re already seeing the scumbags coming out in droves.

Whenever the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres get together, you know there is bound to be some fighting. For some reason, even with all that sunshine, folks in LA get more pleasure out of fighting than they do watching the game. Dodgers, Rams, Kings… doesn’t matter who’s playing…

In San Diego, at Petco Park, we got a front row seat to a couple Dodgers fans squaring up with a couple of Padres fans in a 2v2 tag team match… and not a security person in sight.

I mean seriously, anytime I got tickets to a game at Wrigley, they wanna see me flash my ticket every 10 seconds to make sure I’m in the right seat, but when the gloves come off, ain’t an usher to be seen.

Ultimately the Dodgers were winning on and off the field, as they beat the Padres 6-1, and their fans beat the Padres 2-0.


Toronto Blue Jays Fan Socks Police Officer

Just when I was starting to miss all these insane fan fights at NFL and college football games that filled the headlines all season long, baseball season comes a knocking.

One of our first MLB fan fights of the year comes out of Toronto, where a fan attending a Texas Rangers vs. Blue Jays game was arrested, after punching an officer square in the face on Friday.

According to TMZ, cops say a female fan became irate with law enforcement after they tried to remove her from her seat.

The Toronto Police Service noted that the woman and another man were involved in an altercation with others sitting around them, and officers were trying to de-escalate the situation by moving the two from the section.

Cops say the 27-year-old was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer and being intoxicated in a public place.

Police say the investigation is on-going.

All I gotta say is, you must be absolutely rip-shit drunk off your ass to have the guts to sock a cop in the face.

Sad thing is, it wasn’t even the cop who shoved her in the first place.

Needless to say, ol’ girl is probably gonna be suffering through some serious ramifications.

At least these Rockies fans took it outside…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock