Florida Man Drops The Hammer On A MASSIVE 350-Pound Boar In Georgia

A man with a gun on a large animal in the grass

There’s nothing like taking down a massive wild boar.

They’re such a nuisance, but as big and fat as they can grow to be, they’re actually surprisingly adept at staying out of harms way… and there is a zillion of them. Which is why is just feels so good when you take down a biggin’.

Arun Prakash Ramalingam, an avid boar hunter, took down one of the largest wild boars I’ve ever seen.

The 41-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida, lives for these kinda hunts, according to Outdoor Life:

“I love hunting the giant old boar hogs. They are not easy to get close to, often are completely nocturnal, and are incredibly tough animals.

They can be bad-tempered, too, and are equipped to fight with powerful bodies and sharp tusks.”

The hunt started when a buddy of his called him about a massive destructive boar on his property in Georgia:

“My friend Matt Joseph has a 300-acre family farm north of the Okefenokee Swamp. He called me and said there was a group of wild hogs that moved onto his farm and were ripping up his fields.

A couple of the hogs were big, and he had game camera photos of a giant of boar, and asked if I wanted to hunt it.”

Trail camera footage had shown that the boar was ginormous, and Ramalingam knew he might have something special on his hands if he could pull it off.

He went to the property late in the afternoon of April 14, propped up in a pine tree with the wind in his favor, among the area where the hogs lived. Right around 9 PM, a number of hogs made their way into the field, including two massive boars.

“I usually shoot hogs in the neck, but I didn’t want that big boar running off into the brush and I’d have to track him. So I aimed at his head, and squeezed the trigger when he turned just right at about 100 yards.”

He proceeded to pop the boar straight in the eye and it passed through its skull, dying instantly.

Next problem… getting it home:

“I could see him laying in the field with my night vision optics, and knew I had my work cut out for me getting him out and to the processor.

I could barely move the hog. He was massive, and I could hardly set him up for photos. I’ve shot a lot of good pigs, but this one was a giant, at least 350 pounds, maybe more, and he was solid muscle, from his flanks to his shoulders and chest. A real beast.”

Along with a few friends, he loaded the 350-pounder into the truck to take to the processor to make sausage, but he has other plans for the skull… a European skull mount.

He shared pictures of this hogzilla on his Instagram:

“The legend of the “Patterson Devil” comes to an end. Outta Line Fishing sent me pictures of a hogzilla that has been rooting up his field and terrorizing the deer. We have never seen a boar hog this round and so heavy and yet jJacked out of his mind.

I sneaked up, set up my hunting saddle, waited and shot him in the head with wind in my favor. I don’t think I will never know the true weight of this hog. Comparing other hogs of similar size that have been killed in the past, this has to be a 300 to 350 pound class hog.”

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