Florida Bride And Caterer Arrested For Lacing Wedding Food With Weed

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I hope everybody is enjoying their 4/20 celebration, and zooted to Pluto.

It’s about the only day where smoking the devil’s lettuce is socially accepted worldwide.

But one Florida bride thought it would be a good idea to celebrate the unofficial holiday a bit early with her friends and family at her wedding…

Without any of them knowing.

42-year-old Danya Glenny had the bright idea of getting together with her caterer, Jocelyn Bryant of Jocelyn’s Southern Kitchen, and cooking up some weed-laced food for those attending, according to ABC 9.

I really don’t know how she thought this could possibly end well, but hey, she is from Florida.

After wedding guests ate the weed-laced food, several of them at the Longwood, Florida venue began to feel stoned off their arse, with a few even calling 911.

Attendee Miranda Cady recalled the wild scene:

“I think some people thought they were having heart attacks.”

Some guests even began vomiting and asked to be taken to the hospital.

Glenny, of course, denied having anything to do with the edibles, and the catering crew had already left. After further interviews with witnesses and other caterers, police arrested Glenny and Bryant in connection with the incident.

The two now face charges of tampering, delivery of marijuana and culpable negligence.

So yeah, if you’re going to be breaking out the edibles for 4/20, at least make sure that everybody knows they’re edibles before you serve them. Because even if you like smoking pot a lot, some people might not want to partake – at least not without knowing it.

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