VIDEO: Guy Feeds His “Pet” Musky With Tiny Perch He Caught

There is just something hilarious about people treating completely wild animals like they are “pets.”

Whether its feeding deer apples right out of your hand or raccoons on the back deck, these interactions are always cool to see.

However, fish videos are sometimes harder to come across for obvious reasons… they live in the water. The face-to-face interactions just aren’t as plentiful because they live in a completely different environment.

This video captures a mix of treating wildlife like a pet and just an incredible encounter most folks don’t see every day.

The video starts with a man opening up his live-well. It looks to be a perch of some sorts and the man confirms that as he wrestle to grab onto it.

He starts walking back down the dock and you can see a bunch of other men looking into the water also filming.

The man goes to the group and tells us what is happening just as you notice a dark figure in the water that must be a fish.

“I don’t know if you can see this… but there are Musky right here, it’s probably going to swim away”

This guy is going to try to feed the Musky…

He tosses the perch towards the dark log looking figure and couldn’t be more wrong about what was going to happen. As it hit the water the log comes to life, coming right out of the water and snatching the perch.

“Are you kidding?”

Predatory wildlife is just awesome to see in action.

And if you happen to live near this lake… there’s a big ol’ hand-fed musky in it.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock