Little League Catcher Helps Struggling Batter Choke Up For Most Heartwarming Video Of The Week

A baseball player prepares to swing a bat

Talk about a feel good Monday…

There’s a bunch of boomers out there that like to point out the fact that there’s no more sportsmanship in baseball, with all the bat flipping, and shit talkin’, and flashy players that care more about the name on the back of the jersey than the name on the front.

However, if anybody wanted further proof that sportsmanship is still there in the game, this is it.

A TikTok uploaded by user @jacked34 has gone viral, of a little leaguer playing in a machine-pitch game.

In the video, you see the kid named Avery is struggling a little bit at the plate, as his family tells him to choke up on the bat and swing faster.

However, it appears that Avery can’t hear his family’s help from the stands, so the catcher from the opposing team decides to help him out on his own.

He gets up from his squat, and shows Avery how to choke up on the bat correctly.

Sure enough on the next pitch, he hits a hard ground ball to third base, and darts to first base for a single, and his family goes wild.

You love to see it.


The most wholesome baseball video you will see. Video credit: jacked34 #baseball #fyp #catcher

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