Eric Church Launches A Signed Boot Clear Over The Pit For 6-Year-Old Girl In New Orleans

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Eric Church may have been the talk of the entertainment world a couple weeks ago when he decided to cancel a show in San Antonio last minute to watch his beloved North Carolina Tarheels take on Duke in the Final Four.

And win in an absolute barnburner of a game…

But if you ask any longtime Eric Church fan, loyalty isn’t something they’re worried about. Long story short… since the very beginning, Eric Church has always made it about the fans, he’s always given his fans everything he’s got on stage, and always busted his ass to make every night with them special.

It’s what separates him and his live show from just about everybody else in the game.

And this past weekend in New Orleans was the perfect example.

The Chief is known for signing a number of fans’ boots while he plays his hit “These Boots” during show, leaving them with something memorable to take away from an already special night.

Fans in the pit like to throw their boots on stage or hand them up to Chief from the front row, and he’ll sign boots, vinyl records, hats, flags, and pretty much whatever fans have brought with them

But for one six year old girl, it was gonna take a miracle for Eric to even spot her, sitting back in the seats.

But he did…

The little girl’s mom detailed the heartwarming experience with Whiskey Riff:

“We were in the first row of seats behind the sound box about 60 feet from the stage, and during “These Boots,” Eric locked eyes and pointed at my 6 year old daughter holding up her boot.

The guy behind us hurled her boot at the stage and EC signed it and threw it back to us.

Everyone is saying how memorable it made the evening, and it was definitely a memorable first concert for my daughter.”

First of all… not an easy throw, but the dude in the crowd helps out and launches it clean over the pit, right on the stage at Eric’s feet. Bullseye.

Eric of course signs it, but the next problem… how do you get it back to her? Well, the same way it came…

He winds up and launches it into the seats, only a couple  chairs from where the little girl was sitting… another bullseye. The clip at the very end of the video captures the throw back from Chief.

Check it out:

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Leave it to ol’ Chief to make a young fan’s night… start ’em young.

And the end result…

A brown leather boot

Eric Church Announces FREE Show For Anybody Who Had Tickets To Canceled San Antonio Concert

See, we all knew Chief would make it right.

The big topic of conversation in country music and on social media recently has been Eric Church’s announcement that he was canceling his show this weekend in San Antonio so that he could attend the Final Four matchup between his UNC Tar Heels and Duke with his family.

People have been dragging him all over social media, and several of his fellow country artists have also given their opinions on the move.

But Eric Church has always been one to take care of his fans.

So while this may have been a selfish move on his part (which he admitted in his statement), Church is going to do his best to make it right to everybody who missed out by giving them a FREE concert.

According to an email sent out to his fan club members, the Church Choir, Eric will be playing a free show at Whitewater Amphitheater in nearby New Braunfels, Texas on Friday, September 2.

“Thank you, San Antonio, for letting me take my family to this game. It took a minute to figure out how and when I could properly express my thanks.

I will be coming to Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels, TX on Friday, Sept 2, 2022 for a ONE of a kind FREE show for those of you who bought tickets and were planning to attend our canceled San Antonio show. Details to be announced soon.

– EC”

Now I don’t know what Chief means by “one of a kind” show, but you’ve got to think this is going to be a pretty special show. Hell, I didn’t have tickets to the San Antonio show but I’d probably pay to go to this one because you’ve gotta think it’s going to be unlike any he’s ever done.

More details about the show will be announced later, but hopefully this helps to quiet the critics and puts some of the online bashing of Church to rest.

Now go enjoy the game Chief – you deserve it.


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