Mackenzie Hughes Shanks A Shot At The Masters, Nearly Takes Off Caddie’s Head, Still Tips His Cap To Crowd

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Oh God, I need to cleanse my eyes after watching this.

As a golfer, there is nothing worse than getting the shanks on the golf course.

For those who don’t know, that means the ball goes about 90 degrees sideways when you hit your shot.

The shanks are the most feared shots in golf, especially when you’re playing in a golf tournament, because when you hit one shank, that typically means there’s another to follow.

It completely throws off your mental game because you’re too focused on not hitting the ball sideways, instead of playing good golf.

PGA Tour pro Mackenzie Hughes hit one of those dreaded shanks on the 15th hole at the Masters yesterday, nearly taking a spectators head off before it bounced back somewhat close to the green.

Lucky for him, the ball somehow made it over the water, and nobody was sent to the hospital for getting hit by a rogue golf ball, so it was a win win for everybody considering the situation.

However, the funniest part was that Hughes proceeded to still tip his cap and wave to the crowd, even after the horrific shot.

Needless to say, he kept it together pretty good, and only shot one over par in the round.

That’s pretty damn good, considering most people shit the bed completely after hitting one shank.

He was able to laugh it off.

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