NASCAR Driver Hailie Deegan Reveals She Skipped Race Because Of Crazed Stalker: “Our Lives Are Being Threatened”

Hailie Deegan NASCAR

Well, this just took a turn for the crazy…

NASCAR driver Hailie Deegan skipped the Freedom 500 at Bradenton’s (Florida) Freedom Factory last week, and you’ll never in a million years believe the reason why.

The NASCAR Truck Series driver is quickly becoming a rising star in the field and was voted last year’s Most Popular Driver as a rookie. And with her popularity, she has found herself in the unfortunate position of imposters… a problem that plagues just about everybody with a little bit of fame.

However, the particular case goes well beyond your run of the mill catfishing and has entered into the world of frightening, stalking, and terrorizing.

A fan was catfished by an account pretending to be her, and now is threatened to kill her boyfriend, fellow racecar driver Chase Cabre.

The 20-year-old posted a YouTube explaining everything that’s gone down, talking about how a man who she believes is being catfished by one of her fake accounts has gone off the rails and threatening her boyfriend.

Deegan said the lunatic fan sent her a note recently, talking about how he’s in love with her, and calls her his “soulmate.”

She continued:

“I went home that day, looked up the guy’s name on the note, and figured out that he was getting catfished by a fake Hailie Deegan account.”

She said that since the note, the man has become increasingly hostile and overbearing, and even forced her to pull out of last week’s Freedom 500 race at Bradenton’s Freedom Factory because of the death threats this man has been sending.

The imposter account said that Chase is beating Hailie, and now the stalker wants to kill Chase… and has promised on multiple occasions to do so. And the worst part? He lives right near her race shop in North Carolina.

Deegan even played an audio clip of one of the threats, where the man says:

“Boy I swear to f*cking God if your ass ain’t out of North Carolina before the sun goes down, you are guaranteed going to see my motherf*cking face that’s going to be the last motherf*cking you ever see go through your motherf*cking eyes. I promise you.”

She noted that cops are now involved in the situation, and the two now have security around their home.

In the video, both Deegan and Cabre plead for the man to leave them alone. Cabre said:

“If you are watching, just, please. I’m not threatening, I’m doing anything. I’m just saying it’s over. It’s not real. Just leave it alone.”

Absolutely mind boggling some people like this exist out there.

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