92-Year-Old Chicago Man Reels In Big Ol’ Lake Trout On Lake Michigan

A person holding a fish
Mark Simpson

If I live to be 92, my only hope is that I can spend my years like this guy.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Ed Numrych, who at the age of 92, recently caught this 35-inch, 16-pound Lake Trout.

Using a Flicker Shad 7 out on Lake Michigan, off the coast of Chicago, Ed hooked himself an absolute dandy.

His fishing buddy, Mark Simpson summed it up with a hilarious quote.

“I thought getting out fished by my ma was bad”

Simpson said Numrych caught three other Lake Trout, all of which were over 30-inches.

“I enjoyed just watching him play those fish. His many years of experience were on display.

He let the rod do all the work and reeled only when needed keeping tension on the line and more or less guiding the fish right into the net. It was something to see, I was impressed.”

That sounds like a great why to spend a day, learning from an experienced fisherman.

Here’s to Ed… what a legened.

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