Jacob Stelly And Slade Coulter Premiere Collaborative New Single, “Burnout”

If you’re new to the Texas country rock scene, there’s two guys you need to have on your radar right now…

And that’s Jacob Stelly, and Slade Coulter.

The two are some of the most promising young artists coming up through the genre at the moment, and it’s easy to see that they have everything it takes to be a household name.

With that being said, Whiskey Riff is bringing you a first listen at a brand new single to pair collaborated on titled “Burnout.”

A song about feeling like you’ll never be good enough for your significant other, while also realizing you have to stay true to yourself and be you, the catchy chorus and relatable lyrics will hook you in a heartbeat.

Stelly and Coulter weighed in on the new jam:

“Burnout is a song we wrote together in Mexico and recorded at melody mountain studios in Stephenville, TX.

It started with a couple catchy lines and turned into this awesome tune about tough relationships… about how vulnerable you have to be and how you know you might not ever be good enough for that specific person but ultimately asking the question ‘here’s who I am, are you gonna stay with me or not.’

We’ve been super excited to get this one out for a while.”

You’re gonna wanna give this one a listen:

The fellas will be celebrating the new release with a pop-up show at Filthy McNasty’s saloon in Fort Worth, Texas, on March 24th.

Featuring Slade Coulter and Jacob Stelly, the show will also include Parker Ryan, Jordan Nix, and Ben Hatton.

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