Ohio Army Vet Is Once Again Raising Money For Charity By Surviving On Nothing But Beer For Lent

Del Hall

Not all heroes wear capes.

A few years back, Del Hall, a brewery employee and Army Vet from Cincinnati, set out to prove that you give up all food for lent and survive solely on beer and not only did he do it, he’s in the better shape than ever.

And now, he’s in the midst of his 4th straight year of doing a Lenten beer fast, and each year, he’s lost about 40-50 pounds. And in the first 11 days of this year’s fast, he’s around down 15 pounds.

He tells Fox 19, the beginning is the hardest part:

“The hardest part is right now. The first five to seven days is just exhausting.

I think in a way you’re addicted to food. A lot of Americans are addicted to food. Whether it’s habitual, we eat out of boredom.”

I mean, we need food to survive so I don’t know if “addicted” is the word, but I definitely eat when I’m bored.

That being said, Del was inspired by 17th century monks you gave up all solid food during lent, surviving solely on doppelbock-style beer.

“When you study ‘doppelbock’ you learn that the monks invented this style of beer to sustain them when the decided in 1654 to give up all solid food for Lent. s

So, when they decided to do that they brewed a hardy style of beer with extra carbohydrates and extra calories to sustain them so I just decided I’m going to give it a whirl and see if this is actually fact or fiction.”

But perhaps the best part? Del is doing all of this to raise money for charity.

Hall is raising awareness and funds for Ken Anderson Alliance this year, a foundation that provides live work and engagement opportunities for adults with disabilities.

The organization hits close to home for Hall:

“I have a 15-year-old daughter named Natalie with Cerebral Palsy. And the Ken Anderson Alliance does a lot for adults with disabilities, so even though she can’t use the services now I’m thinking in the future she will need that.”

Last year, Hall raised $12,000 through his Lenten sacrifice.

You can donate to Hall’s cause HERE.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock