Some Jack*ss At Taco Bell Tried To Swing On An Employee, Got Body Slammed Into Oblivion

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Ol’ buddy went night night.

I remember back in high school, whenever somebody wanted to pick a fight with another person, they always took it to the Taco Bell parking lot.

Seriously, we could be in the most remote area possible and somebody starts talking some shit, and they’d be like “Fuck it, we’re taking this to Taco Bell,” which made absolutely zero sense because the store was located alongside the busiest road in my entire county.

I don’t know what it is about the place that makes you feel like you wanna punch somebody at 3 in the morning…

Some people just look at that glorious bell logo and think “I’m about to whoop some ass.”

Needless to say, this dude in this viral video walked into a Swansea, United Kingdom, Taco Bell and for some unknown reason (maybe the food was taking too long) was ready to throw hands with a Taco Bell employee.

And boy, he paid for more than a Doritos Locos Taco.

Whatever it was, it was enough for one guy to start war, because as soon as the dude in the sweat shirt tried to swing, dude with the hat on gave him the suplex of the century, throwing him to the ground and knocking him out cold.

Be careful who you pick your fights with, because you might mess and around and lose your consciousness.


Maybe his buddy should’ve done a better job of holding him back…

However, according to Wales Online, a spokesperson for the restaurant chain said:

“We are aware of the incident that recently occurred in our Swansea restaurant. The restaurant franchisee has fully cooperated with the police and no further action will be taken.

We take the safety and wellbeing of our team and customers very seriously and do not tolerate any form of abuse in our restaurants and wider business.”

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