Charles Wesley Godwin, Sierra Ferrell, John R. Miller & More To Play Laurel Cove Music Festival 2022

Charles Wesley Godwin
Hari Iyer

Now, you’re speaking my language.

For the most part these days, the big country music festivals aren’t my bag.

Packed with mainstream pop artists, expensive as all hell, 50,000 people just trying to get picture for the ‘Gram… you can keep it.

But you wanna talk about a music festival that features some of the best singers/songwriters the independent country music scene has to offer…  especially, artists from Appalachia, AKA the most compelling scene in the game right now…. look no further.

The Laurel Cove Music Festival is back and better than ever, coming to you from the Laurel Cove Amphitheater in Pineville, Kentucky.

Slated for June 10-11, the festival boasts a number of kickass artists, ranging from country, to Americana, to folk, to roots rock, and bluegrass.

This year’s lineup is headlined by Charles Wesley Godwin, and Sierra Ferrell, followed by John R. Miller, Cole Chaney, Vincent Neil Emerson, Logan Halstead, Tony Logue, Drayton Farley, Nicholas Jamerson, Kelsey Waldon, Abby Hamilton, and many, many more.

And a little birdy told me there me another headliner in the mix as well…. stay tuned.

Check out the full lineup below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock