Ronnie Dunn Recalls The Only Time He Ever Got Really Heated At Kix Brooks: “I Took His Hat And Threw It Off Stage As Far As I Could”

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Ol’ Ronnie Dunn, the man himself from arguably the most iconic country duo of all time Brooks & Dunn, made his second appearance on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast to talk everything from his new single “Broken Neon Hearts,” his upcoming album 100 Proof Neon, to collaborating with Parker McCollum, and even took a trip down memory lane to the good ol’ days.

From his days with Brooks and Dunn, to doing music videos with Dale Earnhardt, Brooks & Dunn have seen and done it all in the country music world.

But when you’re an award winning duo for that long, the obvious question is…. do you ever fight? And the answer… no, not really. Although they’d been a duo since 1990, they never truly got into a real heated exchange, and never fought with the exception of a few arguments:

“Anytime there’s a partnership, there’s compromise involved and sometimes, according to how strongly each individual believes in it, it can get heated.

We never, one time, raised our voices to each other, but we would argue our cases.”

He did reminisce on the one time he was ever close to wanting to fight Kix however:

“The closest we ever got, we were playing some rodeo early early on… it was hot, middle of the day playing some rodeo, and back then, and I still do, I was just standing in my spot to sing and I closed my eyes, and he kept running up and bumping into me.

We were just kidding around on stage and stuff. And I don’t know I was probably sleep deprived or whatever.

At one point I just shook my head and I said, ‘Look man we’re gonna fight off stage.’ He did it again and I took his hat and threw it way off stage into the audience, as far as I could.

He looked at me like ‘REALLY?’ And I said ‘REALLY.’ Anyways that’s it, that’s about as hot as I got.”

How about it?

All that time together and it never came to blows… not even once. The fact that cooler heads were always allowed to prevail is probably part of the reason these fellas are still doing it together.

They’ll be hitting the road again this year on the Reboot Tour 2022 featuring Jon Pardi, Riley Green, and more.

Either way, it’s pretty cool hearing a guy who’s wracked up so much notoriety and fame over his career, be just a regular dude… just shootin’ the shit rocking a flipped back ballcap.

He also talked about hunting for a little bit, and that’s when Steve and Wes brought up the question, “Ronnie if we flew you down to Texas, would you be down tp shoot feral pigs from a helicopter?”

Laughing his ass off, he gladly responded:

“I’m on the way right now, I’m so in… The PETA people they’ll eat this up for this.

I was just down at a buddies farm down in Birmingham, Montgomery, south of Birmingham, we were on I guess 5-6,000 acres down there. Pigs have destroyed it. Just destroyed it. So no, it’s a problem.”

Check out the full podcast below:

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