VIDEO: Wild Footage Shows Colorado Mountain Lion Tranquilized Under Someone’s Deck

Well, that would give you a good scare to start the day.

You walk out your door headin’ off to work and hear the growl of a mountain lion beneath you…..


Outdoor Life says this happened in Boulder, Colorado this week, and the local authorities even got some pretty crazy footage while capturing and relocating the animal.

Homeowners in the area noticed the cat when their dog notified them something was underneath the deck. When the owner took a peek under, there was a Mountain Lion staring back at him. Not exactly the possum you’re hoping for when you peek stick head in there.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife summed up the incident.

“Homeowners reported the mountain lion at 7:30 a.m. right after seeing the cat. Their dog alerted the family that something was in the backyard underneath the decking that had roughly only a foot of clearance from the ground.

The homeowner went to see what it was, thinking it was possibly a raccoon that they often find in the area, but upon looking with a flashlight noticed it was a mountain lion and called authorities”

After they called the authorities, they showed up to get the lion out of there. They footage captured is amazing to say the least.

The wildlife officers look underneath the porch, to find a mountain lion growling back at them. They go back in with a jab pole and tranquilize it.

Officer Tyler Asnicar is in the video summarizing the event.

“It was a sub-adult male mountain lion, in good body condition, weighing approximately 115-120 pounds”

With the mountain lion underneath the porch, it provided the perfect opportunity to capture and relocate it safely.

Seeing mountain lions in towns is fairly common this time of year.

Since the middle of January Parks and Wildlife has at 17 mountain lions reports.

“They’ve been spotted a lot in north Boulder. This may or may not have been one of those cats, but increased winter activity is fairly typical as they follow their prey base down, and particularly the mule deer that move into lower elevations this time of year.

The cats concentration around the western edge of town and that leads to an increase in sightings and probably led to this cat being in town looking for something to eat”

That was a good-sized cat.

Good to hear no one was hurt, happy that the officers were able to get good footage and provide valuable information on living with these predators.

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