Paige Spiranac Reveals The True Reason Why She Never Films Golf Shots From Behind

Paige Spiranac

Just another day of former pro golfer and model Paige Spiranac obliterating some internet trolls.

Besides the fact that she can pipe some drives, we all know that Spiranac is known for one specific feature that she loves to flaunt online…

And it’s her face… get your mind outta the gutter…

In one of her latest episodes of a ending a troll’s career, she took to Instagram to explain why she takes all of her videos from the front, and never from behind.

She put all of the assumptions to rest:

“People think I don’t show my shots from the back view because I suck but really it’s because I have no ass and a shitty take away.”

She first showed a video of her putting on the worst swing possible, bunting a drive into the water on the golf simulator. However, she comes back and shows her true swing, and smashes a drive down the middle of the fairway from a behind view.

Needless to say, she ain’t afraid to hold back one bit.

And she was pulling for the Bengals in the Super Bowl this year, just incase y’all wanted to know.

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