WILD Fishermen’s Brawl Breaks Out After A One Guy Cracks Another With His Fishing Rod

A group of people fishing

Ah yes, fishing.

One of America’s favorite pastimes.

Whenever you think of fishing, you think about relaxation, clearing your mind, and forgetting about everything going on in your life.

Sure, it can get a a little frustrating at times when the fish ain’t biting, but you really can’t beat a day out on the water regardless of what you catch.

Unless… you catch these hands.

It’s no secret that fishing spots are prized territory and  every so often, you’ll have some tension arise between a few fellow fishermen.

Ya know, maybe you step away for a minute and you come back to see somebody has taken your ideal spot, maybe another fisherman painfully hooks you while he’s trying to cast, or just maybe, some lunatic from PETA starts complaining about how the fish feel pain… stranger things have happened.

A video has recently surfaced of a few fishermen sitting on the bank of a river, when that bank quickly transforms into a ring for WWE Smackdown.

There’s no telling what was said, what started the confrontation, or where the hell this even is, but all you can see is one of the guys unleashing his rod on another fisherman, cracking it in half over him.

Next thing you know, the two are throwing windmill punches like there’s no tomorrow, and things get ugly quick. A buddy joins in and hysterically whiffs, and next thing you know all three of them end up in the drink with one man handing out… a spanking?

What. A. SCENE.

Are you nervous? Go fishing! from fightporn

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock