Man Kicked Off Allegiant Airlines Flight For Wearing “Let’s Go Brandon” Mask

A group of people in a plane

Another day, another passenger getting kicked off a flight.

According to FOX Businessan Allegiant Airlines passenger was kicked off a flight because he was wearing a mask that read “Let’s go Brandon.”

The clip was posted by Libs of TikTok, and although the footage was shot too far away where you can’t see the mask’s message, the caption says it reads “Let’s Go Brandon,” which of course, is code for “F*ck Joe Biden” for those of y’all living under a rock for the past few months.

The caption said:

“Today you can’t have let’s go Brandon on your mask or you will be removed.”

The video showed the woman constantly telling the man to gather his belongings and get off the plane.

Allegiant told FOX Business that the man was removed because he ignored crew member’s instructions:

“The video in question depicts part of an incident involving a passenger who failed to comply with repeated crew member requests to adhere to the federal mask policy.

The passenger was removed from the flight and issued a refund for his fare. Disregarding instructions from flight crew members is prohibited by federal regulations and is grounds for removal from a flight where such conduct creates an unsafe environment.

The decision to remove a passenger is never made lightly and is always done with the safety of our passengers and crew in mind.

In April, the FAA adopted a zero-tolerance policy against unruly passenger behavior, which includes failure to comply with crew members’ instructions. We welcome the FAA’s renewed strong stance on unruly passengers, understanding the safety risk such incidents can create for both passengers and crew.”

The “Let’s Go Brandon” slogan began after an NBC reporter said the crowd was chanting the words in favor of NASCAR driver Brandon Brown, when they were actually saying “F*ck Joe Biden.”

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