Joey Logano Goes Hard Into The Wall On Final Lap Of The Duel At Daytona

Joey Logano NASCAR

It’s Daytona baby.

We’re gearing up for another NASCAR season and the Cup Series is once again kicking off at Daytona International Speedway this Sunday.

After qualifying for the season-opening Daytona 500 last night, we’ve got the first two starting positions set with Kyle Larson on the pole and Alex Bowman starting beside him on the front row.

Tonight, we got our first look at the new Next Gen car in racing action at the two Duels at Daytona, and while the first one (won by Brad Keselowski) was pretty mild, Dual 2 had some fireworks.

Joey Logano led most of the race, but on the final lap, he threw a late block on Chris Buscher who was trying to pass on the inside and wound up driving straight into the wall.

And while it was the first time we got to see these Next-Gen cars in real action, it was also the first time we saw one wreck hard.

Logano emerged from the crash just fine, but it was definitely one helluva way to kick off the season.

He essentially took responsibility for the accident:

“This one was my fault. Dumb mistake.”

Looks like Joey and company might be running the backup car on Sunday.

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