Wisconsin Hunter Tracking Buck Gets Gored, Survives -8 Degree Temps For 8 Hours Before He’s Rescued

A deer with antlers

The hunter becomes the hunted.

You get a shot at a nice buck and hit it. The buck runs off into the woods and naturally your first instinct is to try and follow it, but the deer hits you with the Uno reverse card and gores you with its antlers.

We recently heard a story about a hunter in Poland that took an antler through the eye socket and lived to tell the tale, but here, we are again with a hunter out of Wisconsin.

According to the Portage Fire Department, a he also survived.

The Dept. got called to assist in the rescue a man in the woods. When searching they found his ATV and realized he had started tracking a deer through the woods. The Fire Department attempted to following his tracks and eventually found the hunter after he spent 8 hours in the woods.

He was lying in a drainage ditch with a wound on the inside of his right leg. The hunter was disoriented from the loss of blood and saying how he was gored by a deer. They conducted first aid on the man and treated him for hypothermia.

Eight hours in the woods until help came… what a nightmare.

That is every hunter’s worst case scenario of what could happen while out in the woods.

They called in Med Flight and had a helicopter land as close to the hunter as possible. When it arrived, it had to make a difficult landing in a snow-covered field. The rescuers packaged up the man securely and got him into the helicopter.

Temperatures were -8 with the wind chill and the man more than likely would’ve only had another hour or two to survive before he succumbed to the cold.

Talk about the hunt of a lifetime… definitely a little more then I ever bargained for hunting, but I guess it’s a risk you have to take when chasing after these amazing animals. It really shows how resilient they are and makes the respect for them even more clear.

Nature will humble you man… in a HURRY.

As far as we can tell, the hunter made it to the hospital safe and sound. He received the care he needed all thanks to the Portage Fire Department and other First Responders called in to assist.

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