Red Stag Comes Out Of Nowhere & Railroads Hunter: “Antler Spike Broke My Skull In The Eye Socket”

A deer walking on a path

When the hunter becomes the hunted…

A hunter from Poland was in the middle of a hunt, when a young red stag came charging back at him through the tall brush. Unable to get a clear view of deer, and with little to no time to react, the poor hunter stood there and got absolutely railroaded by the charging stag.

Sure enough, the end result was quite messy…

And when I say messy, the hunter took an antler straight through the eye, and INTO HIS BRAIN.

How her survived, I have no idea…

Here’s the rundown on what happened, from the man who experienced it himself:

“This video captured a rare driven hunt situation. A young red stag (red deer male) was going out of the drive. At the last moment, he saw me standing at the position.

He decides that his best option is to attack me. So he did. Stag turns in my direction and hits my head with his antlers.

I didn’t pass out but I was struggling to get up for 10 minutes with blood coming out from the left eye area. One of the antler spikes broke my skull in the eye socket area. Then it went slightly into my brain.”


Here’s a firsthand look at the wild encounter:

He went on to detail his treatment, and perhaps more importantly, why he didn’t fire at the stag:

“After this event, I had to spend nearly one month in the hospital with two surgeries.

Just to clarify in Poland we have regulations about taking red stags. I didn’t have a chance to properly judge this stag. So I decided not to shoot him.

In 99.9 % of those kinds of situations, red deer choose to run away from a hunter. This one has a different idea which is very rare.”

And you think all hunters are bloodthirsty savages? This dude decided he’d rather get run over and take an antler to the brain rather than shoot at a deer he couldn’t properly identify.

I just don’t know how he even survived that…

The fact that the man is still alive to talk about the wild incident is a miracle within itself.

And if you’re not familiar, Red Deer are one of the largest species of Cephids, larger than whitetail, reindeer and mule deer, but smaller than elk and obviously moose.

Native to Europe and some parts of Western Asia, and parts of Northern Africa, however has been introduced in a number of other countries and continents as well.

In the video below, you can watch MeatEater’s Steve Rinella on the hunt for a New Zealand Red Stag… without getting ran over by one.

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