Young Deer With Arrow Stuck In Its Neck Spotted In Washington State Neighborhood

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Hunting fawns now are we?

A recent photo out of Washington state went viral featuring a young black-tailed deer with an arrow through its back. Thankfully, it wasn’t much more than a flesh wound, but it begs the question… why the hell are hunters shooting at such young deer?

At best, it’s an amateur putting a terrible shot on a deer that you probably have no business shooting at. At worst, a scumbag trying to illegally harvest anything he can out of season.

My guess is it’s probably the former…

In any event, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife received a call this fella was wandering around a neighborhood in Skagit County and they were able to get a dart in it, remove the arrow, and release it to a more suitable location.

“WDFW Officers Stout and Ludwig responded to a call for service of a deer with an arrow stuck in it in a neighborhood in Skagit County.

The deer was located and immobilized so that the injury could be assessed and the arrow removed. Once the arrow was safely removed the deer was set free in a more suitable location.”

All in a day’s work.

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