This Ice Fishing Limousine Is Redneck Engineering At Its Finest

A car parked in the snow

Have you ever seen a camper turned into a deer stand sitting high in the sky? Or truck bed turned into a kiddie pool? Followed up by the thought of “I haven’t seen anything that redneck in a while”.

Well today, in Canada there is an ice fishing version of this to make you smile and possibly create a new bucket list item.

According to CBC News, up to four anglers can rent out an ice fishing limousine for just $100 a day.

That’s right, $25.00 each. You and 3 of your buddies can lounge back in extreme comfort, have a cold one since you’re staying warm in the car and catch some fish.

It’s an ice fishing dream.

Vaughn Murray, the owner of this gem, says it’s been booked steady and plans to have a second one on the ice next winter.

Warm, convenient and comfortable is the opposite of some ice fishing experiences. But with the limo Murray says,

They can drive out on the ice road, or they can just park in my yard and walk 100 feet and you’re at the car.

All the people and groups I’ve had in there, they just love it all. It’s just something different, you know and they’re having a good time.”

 There’s no denying it’s different.

Different doesn’t mean bad though and this idea seems like a winner.

Murray has competition for ice fishing ingenuity in this neck of the woods though.

Ice Fishing Mercedes-Benz

Another man, Donald Stenlund, came up with his own ice fishing solution converting a Mercedez-Benz into an ice-fishing machine.

Modern problems call for modern solutions. That is what Stenlund has done here. Adding tracks and skis to the car allowed him to stay comfortable.

“When it’s rough out there on the ice, and I am on a sled, it’s hard on my back. I can hardly walk for the next couple of days.

So I had this idea last winter… when it was cold out on the lake that I could go out there, and stay nice and warm, and be comfortable.”

It’s hard to beat coming up with new idea to help you stay more comfortable and enjoy the outdoors even more. It’s even better when that idea is cool.

For a homemade rig, it can certainly motor along well too. Stenlund said it can go up to 30 miles an hour.

Rednecks for the win again on these two ice fishing inventions.

A car with its front facing the camera

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock