VIDEO: Boston College Student Leaves Window Open During Blizzard, Turns Room Into An Igloo

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Talk about a nightmare.

When there’s three feet of snow outside and it’s below freezing, the only place you want to be is curled up in bed, perhaps in front of a warm fire, with some Netflix on and a cup of hot cocoa (spiked of course)…

However, for a couple college kids in Boston, that was not the case at all…

A TikTok has gone viral of a couple of Boston College students, who made one grave mistake during a blizzard…

They left their dorm room window WIDE open.

And the results?

Their whole dorm was absolutely COVERED in snow.

We’re talking about the bed, the floor, the desks, the books, laptops, chairs, and everything in between.

The TikTok, which has garnered over 2.5 million views, has a caption that reads:

“The consequences of leaving your apartment window open during a Boston blizzard.”


the consequences of leaving your apartment window open during a boston blizzard

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In the video, you see the culprit of the whole situation, Ashlyn, was alerted by her roommates that the dorm was freezing, and she admitted that she cracked the window open the night before.

Alright I gotta know, why in the hell was the window cracked in the first place?

There’s no logical reason for it, unless ol’ Ashlyn is terrified of being warm or something, or somebody is incredibly desperate for a little TikTok clout.

It’s hard to wrap my mind around, to say the least…

Hell, leave the window open a little longer and you can rent it out on Airbnb as an ice hotel:

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