William Clark Green Releases Rockin’ Lead Single, “All You Got,” From Upcoming Album ‘Baker Hotel’

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning the other day when William Clark Green finally announced his sixth studio album, Baker Hotel, after four long years.

Slated to drop on March 25th, he says this new record is all about self-reflection and coming to terms with where he’s at right now, after plenty of down time to think about his life during the COVID lockdowns of 2020:

“What this record means to me is self-reflection, realizing that I just turned 35 and it’s like, ‘Where am I at in life? Where do I want to be? Where did I think I would be?’

Not being able to work during the lockdown, I had a lot of time to sit and think about myself, and what’s really locking me down, and that’s what I think this record is about.”

The title actually comes from a real life hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas, where it was originally opened in 1929 after residents of the town wanted to capitalize on the success of the mineral water craze going on at the time.

After some hard years, the hotel closed its doors in 1963. Aside from a few years in the late-60’s when other investors tried to revitalize the building, it has remained permanently closed since 1972. The hotel has been featured on several ghost-hunting shows in the past, and in 2019, was purchased by an investor who plans to renovate and reopen it in 2024.

All that to say, the whole project is extremely intriguing on its face, and with so much time in-between this album and his 2018 Herbert Island record, I’m even more excited to hear the whole thing in just a couple months.

And yesterday, he released the lead single, a rockin’ little tune called “All You Got.”

Co-written with Logan Wall, William details an argument with a girl from his point of view, after he comes home drunk at 2AM again, knowing that she warned him prior that the next time he did so she was done.

It’s just a little taste of the 13-song record, but it’s enough to get me PUMPED:

Baker Hotel Tracklist:

1. Feel Alive
2. Gun To Your Head
3. Give a Damn
4. Anymore
5. Baker Hotel
6. Dog Song
7. All Pot No Chicken
8. Getting Drunk
9. All You Got
10. Best Friends
11. Love to Hate
12. Leave Me Alone
13. Me, Her and You

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A beer bottle on a dock