Dillon Carmichael’s Acoustic Version Of “Son Of A” Just Hits Different

Alex Berger

This is it.

Dillon Carmichael released an acoustic version of the title track to his sophomore album today, and while the full version is fantastic, this stripped down version is truly special.

Nothing added, just a clear road from his heart to his parents and all the parents out there breaking their backs for the kids.

Being able to truly just focus on the lyrics gives a little extra life to a few lines than the studio version. I mean, there’s some damn good one’s in there…

“Dad walked in, no knock, no grace
Said if you think I walked in like I own this place
Boy, it’s ’cause I do”

“He took the keys to my new-used car
Pulled the “long as you’re living under my roof” card”

Come ON with it.

What is it about acoustic songs that hit way harder yet always do worse on every commercial metric? That’s something I’ll never understand…

Not much more to say other than here’s to all the parents busting your ass for your kids.

We see you and more than anything we appreciate what you’re doing.

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