Kansas City Chiefs Fans Donate Almost $200,000 To Buffalo Children’s Hospital

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Although the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills in an absolute barn burner of a game this past Sunday, and will now take on the Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals for the AFC title, the Bills did receive a nice consolation prize.

Well, sorta…

Bills quarterback Josh Allen played way too good of a game for his season to come to an end. The man threw for 329 yards, four touchdowns, and tacked on 11 carries for 68 yards… and had we had different overtime rules in the NFL (c’mon already) who knows what could’ve happened.

Would we have seen Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen go head to head in overtime for another hour? What seemed like one of the most exciting games in NFL history came to a pretty abrupt end after Mahomes and the Chiefs won the toss and marched down the field for a Travis Kelce touchdown.

But I suppose we can have the NFL OT conversation another time…

Although they lost, Chiefs fans had major respect for Allen and the Bills, and pulled off a classy move.

One of the best traditions about the Buffalo Bills’ fanbase, aka the Bills Mafia, is donating money to their opponents to their biggest charities.

They’ve donated to charities supported by Andy Dalton, Lamar Jackson, Tre’Davious White, as well as raising over a million dollars to Buffalo’s Oishei Children’s Hospital in memory of Josh Allen’s grandmother who passed away in 2021.

With that being said, the Chiefs fanbase decided to return the favor to the Bills, as they donated $13 each to Allen’s charity named after his grandmother, Patricia Allen.

The “13” dollar amount was inspired by the 13 seconds it took the Chiefs to move the ball downfield to tie the game and send it to overtime.

Chiefs fan Brett Fitzgerald originally planned to encourage fans to donate $13 dollars to Patrick Mahomes’ charity, however after hearing about the Bills’ Mafia tradition, he reversed course.

He said in an interview with WIVB News:

“After about an hour or so, after it started blowing up, I said, ’17 would’ve been more appropriate,’ but the way I see it is , it’s a way for Chiefs fans to celebrate that we won, and how, and at the same time, giving much due respect to Josh Allen, the Bills and Bills Mafia.

The credit goes to Bills Mafia. I’m just some guy who put something on the internet.”

Andrew Bennett, vice president of the foundation, added:

“What’s been really cool for us is seeing Buffalo and this hospital put on a national stage, because it should be.

The work that’s done here every day; the care providers that we have; the experts that we have; and just what a wonderful place this community is for kids and families in this community.”

As of today, over $184,000 has been donated to Allen’s charity, and the amount continues to rise.

If you’d like to donate yourself, you can click the link HERE.

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