UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Delivers Hilarious Rant On Hunters That Don’t Pluck Their Birds

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If you don’t love Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell it’s only because you don’t know him.

The UFC fighter and super proud Arkansas native is 14-0 in is professional career and 5-0 in the UFC, including an insanely rare Twister finish (one of only 2 in UFC history) and dominating every opponent he’s faced during his march up the ladder.

But his fight credentials are only part of what this man brings to the table…

He got in a huge spat with the UFC and Reebok over not letting him wear camo shorts in the octagon (they’re now allowed), has done two awesome podcasts with comedian Theo Von, almost lost his manhood from a drill accident while fixing his roof (I’ll let you imagine that, I can’t bear to type it up), and even choked out a deer in the woods after missing with his bow.

Here’s a pretty good compilation of some of his best moments…

Safe to say the man is quite the character and a hell of a fighter.

Well, today he had some choice words for bird hunters who opt to breast out their birds, as opposed to plucking the feathers.

“I’m about to offend half of Arkansas and I don’t give a damn… if you’re shootin’ geese and you’re shootin’ turkey and you’re shootin’ duck, and you’re not plucking ’em, you’re just breasting ’em out, you’re a lazy pussy and you might as well go vote for Joe Biden. 

I don’t want to hear how you don’t have enough time to go pluck ’em, you woke up at 3:30 in the morning and stayed out there til noon and was late to work, shootin’ ducks and shootin’ geese but you don’t want to pluck them cause you don’t have the time? 

Did you ever take a half shit and halfway wipe your ass cause you don’t got the time? No, you do the whole thing. 

And if you don’t know what to do once you pluck it go watch Martha Stewart on YouTube and she’ll tell you what to do with it.”

The argument is generally that plucking makes use of more of the bird, and leaves the skin on and little waste, while breasting it out is much more time-efficient since you’re not spending time plucking feathers for little return.

To each their own I suppose, but it’s hard to argue with Bryce’s conviction here.

Bryce also dropped a rap mixtape called Pasture Fire recently (what doesn’t this man do?), and while it’s not up my alley, it’s got some upside. Don’t think he’s gonna get a feature on Drake’s next album, but hey, love when people go after stuff they’re passionate about.

Keep being you Bryce. Been a fan since I first saw you in the octagon and became a huge fan from all the stuff outside of it.

Can’t wait to see him back in the octagon this March against killer Edson Barboza, gonna be a hell of a match up.

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