Morgan Wade Drops “Run,” The First Of Six New Tracks From Her Upcoming Deluxe Album

Morgan Wade is quickly making a name for herself as one of the best up and coming artists in the game right now.

The emotion and grit in her voice tells you that her songwriting is 1,000% authentic. I mean, her debut studio album Reckless was a Top 5 album on the Whiskey Riff Top 40 Country Albums of 2021, but if you looked at other publications, she was near the top of just about every one.

With that being said, she dropped a brand new single today titled “Run,” a song in which she sings about wanting to get away from the memory of a previous relationship with her new significant other.

The chorus speaks for itself:

Can we fly somewhere foreign
Get me high, mess me up until the morning
‘Cause all I see in every street
Is where he made me numb
There’s gotta be somewhere
Somewhere we can run, we can run

I’m telling you, every time I listen to her she just gets better and better.

“Run” is the first track of six new ones on her upcoming deluxe edition of Reckless, which is set to drop on January 28th.

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