Wheeler Walker Jr. On Garth Brooks: “Country Music Has Gotten So Sh*tty, But When I Was A Kid, He Was The Pop Sellout”

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For anybody who has a basic sense of country music, knows that Garth Brooks is one of the greatest performers the country music world has ever seen. A pure entertainer in every sense of the word.

However, anybody who has a deeper knowledge of country music, knows that Garth is pretty damn weird.

And I’m not even talking about his weird, sob-rock alter ego Chris Gaines, where Garth completely changed his look and pretended to be some emo, sex-addicted “rockstar,” releasing a fake documentary and full album under the identity.

Not to mention, the man cries in 97% of his interviews while trying to get “inspirational,” and it genuinely looks and feels like he’s an actor getting into character.

Oh yeah, and we can’t forget his introduction to Facebook video which had us all convinced that he may be a serial killer. C’mon Garth… where are the bodies? The families need closure…

“I like that.”

Maybe the guy is genuine, and just super emotional. Maybe he’s a complete fraud… the world may never know…

But that being said, there’s one perfect hero to combat the antics of Brooks, and that’s no other than the legend himself, the most unapologetically honest singer-songwriter of all time, Wheeler Walker Jr.

Back in 2018, Walker Jr. made an appearance on comedian Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky’s “Your Mom’s House” podcast, and they discussed, well… TORCHED, Garth Brooks.

Pazsitzky admitted that she’s super knowledgeable of country music, but she feels like Brooks is incredibly insincere, and doesn’t feel any authenticity from the guy as he seems to be a “sociopath.”

Ol’ Wheeler then noted that Brooks was the “pop-country sellout” of his generation, before we had bands like Florida-Georgia Line (which he hilariously roasted too).

He then brought up a hilarious *alleged* quote from the late great Waylon Jennings:

“Garth Brooks did to country music, what panties did to finger f*ckin… he sanitized the whole thing.”

And granted, nobody is sure who really said that quote. It’s attributed to Waylon Jennings, but it’s never been proven… and even if he did say it, nobody knows if he was the first or if he was just repeating it.

Either way, Waylon’s son Shooter echoed Wheeler’s sentiments exactly about Garth being a pop sellout. It took bozos like Florida Georgia Line to show up on the scene for folks to realize just how good they had it when Garth was “the worst thing on the radio.”

The interview was with the Charleston City Paper back in 2013:

“Garth Brooks is as country as shit. Back then it was like, what the fuck is going on. This guy is terrible. This isn’t country music. I would take that any day now.

That means the bar has been lowered so far that we’re like, please. I would listen to only Garth Brooks all day if that’s what I could get.”

He ain’t wrong…

Wheeler’s music may not be for everybody, but you have to admit, the man’s always good for a laugh.

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