Dolly Parton Pays Tribute To Betty White: “I Will Always Love Her, As We All Will”

Betty White, Dolly Parton country music
Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images

Man, 2022 is not off to a great start.

Yesterday, the news that Betty White had passed away at 99, just weeks before her 100th birthday, shook the entire world.

I mean, man, woman, black, white, straight, gay, Republican, Democrat, babies, dogs… it doesn’t who you are, you love Betty White. She was an absolute icon in the television world, beloved by all, and she will be greatly missed.

She was also a big Dolly Parton fan.

Although they never met in person, Betty said in an interview that she was a big fan of Dolly, and her “whole approach to life.”

And this morning, upon hearing the news, Dolly took to Twitter to offer her condolences.

Queens recognize queens.

RIP Betty… you’re a legend.

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