Chase Bryant Destroys Troll Who Accuses Him Of “Posing With A Deer Corpse As A Trophy”

Chase Bryant holding a deer

Like most good hunters, if you come at Chase Bryant, you best not miss.

And one troll who tried to come after Bryant for posting a picture of himself with a buck that he downed during a recent hunt missed big time – and Chase turned around and destroyed him.

After posting a pic of the monster buck on Instagram, one guy decided to question Chase’s ethics in hunting, saying:

“Shooting one to eat is one thing but posting with a corpse as a trophy..”

And like a hunter seeing an 8-point from his tree stand, Chase was ready to fire back:

I’m sorry, by “..” you must have assumed I’m some piece of shit that doesn’t clean these animals right?

Well, two deer that were harvested this weekend were actually donated to a church, to feed a number of families that are less fortunate, and can’t afford to their families. This deer is actually already in my refrigerator to feed my own family!

This is a trophy to me for many different reasons, and will be to a handful of people very soon! Would you like towho add anything else? Merry Christmas!”


You’d think that would be enough for the troll to keep his mouth shut, but that’s just not how the internet works these days and for some reason he came back for more – and just dug himself into a bigger hole.

“All good, I should have posted pics on social media as well back in the days when I was working in a chicken slaughterhouse for all the same reasons. Merry Christmas”

Yep, you read that right. Some guy who used to work in a chicken slaughterhouse is talking shit to a hunter who killed a deer to feed his (and other) families.

Of course Chase had to point out the hypocrisy.

“This is the most hypocritical/ignorant comment I may have ever read! You slaughtered chickens whose living conditions were unbearable, as well as you were apart of a company that sold meat that was pumped full of every antibiotic out there. I’m not sure you’re making any valid point here at all!!”

I mean, hard to argue with that. There’s a big difference between sustainably hunting deer for food, and working in a slaughterhouse where conditions are anything but humane.

Well Chase’s response seemed to be his second killshot of the day, because with that the troll seemed to back down:

“I would like to add that with the information you have given about the food, i have more understanding for it. It’s just not a pleasant sight. Have a nice day”

But Chase wasn’t done yet, and took to Instagram again on a separate post to explain himself even further (not that he owed anybody an explanation), saying that:

“Due to a few comments earlier about my supposed lack of ethic in hunting, because I posted a picture of a deer I harvested, I figured I’d just post my response to this guitar playin fella. This isn’t the first time I’ve received comments like this and I’m sure it won’t be the last. He has since said he was misunderstanding what I was doing, but maybe this will help him and others understand exactly where I come from on this topic. Just to let you know, the deer we harvested this weekend were given to a church to feed families this Christmas!”

Doubt this guy will have much more to say to Chase on the subject after that.

Because it turns out that, just like from a tree stand, Chase doesn’t miss on Instagram either.

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