Massive Bull Elk Makes His Way To A Colorado Man’s Doorstep & Rings The Doorbell

Elk EstesPark

“Oh, hey there.”

Imagine chilling on the couch, just watching TV, when all of a sudden you hear the doorbell ring.

You walk up, thinking it’s a friend or a package delivery or something, and sure enough, it’s a MASSIVE ELK standing at your doorstep.

Back in November, a massive bull elk appeared on James F. Jonell’s Estes Park, Colorado home’s doorstep, and somehow managed to ring the doorbell with his antlers.

Luckily, Jonell had a Ring so he could watch the strange occurrence unfold through video.

After the elk had his fun, he made his way back off to the forest.

Sure enough, a month later on December 14th, the exact same elk made his way back to Jonell’s porch AGAIN.

He didn’t ring the doorbell this time though, the dog barking in the background may have spooked him a little.

Ya know, casual. Just a ginormous bull elk wanting to be your friend.

According to People, Jonell decided to have some fun with the elk, and name him Bruno.

Just give it another month or two, I’m sure ol’ Bruno will be making his way back to say what’s up.

The first visit:

And latest:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock