Group Of Monkeys Attack And Kill Over 250 Dogs In Indian Village After Pup Killed A Baby Monkey

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What in the actual hell is this.

Every now and then, you hear about some garbage person hurting a dog, but never anything like this.

According to the New York Post, a group of crazed monkeys swept through a village in India, and attacked around 250 d0gs.

They were literally dragging them to the top of trees and buildings, and dropping them.

However, it seems that it was out of retaliation after a few of the dogs killed one of their babies.

Locals from the Maharashtra Beed District say that the monkeys have been seeking revenge for a while, and finally went through with the attack in the nearby Lavool village.

Not a single dog survived.

The villagers say that the attacks started about a month ago, and the purge has continued since.

People within the village called the forest department to help put an end to the attacks, but they weren’t able to catch a single monkey. The villagers themselves even tried to save the dogs, but couldn’t do it.

They now claim that the monkeys are beginning to attack small children while en route to school.

Could you imagine? This sounds like something straight off of Planet of the Apes.

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