Urban Meyer’s Daughter Defends Him, Meanwhile The Players Are Reportedly Overjoyed That He’s Gone

Urban Meyer in a white shirt
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Last night, the Jacksonville Jaguars dropped the “shocking” news that Urban Meyer had been fired from his head coaching position.

I mean c’mon, it was inevitable…

The team is 2-11 and appears to have gotten worse since their mind-boggling win over the Buffalo Bills (solely attributed to the Manning Curse), not to mention the controversial moves Meyer has made as a head coach regarding his players and assistant coaches.

And then there’s the infamous bar video of a girl dancing on him, which was when things really started to spiral downhill.

The man has taken a ton of heat this year, and most of it has probably been deserved.

However, his daughter Gigi, continues to stand by her father.

She posted a message on her Instagram story:

“The spirit of the enemy is in full force battle mode in this world and in people. This is war… but like I said… we all know who wins in the end. The enemy (aka the world) REALLY doesn’t wanna see good people win & you can argue whether my dad is a ‘good person’ or not based on what you see in the media.

(Super reliable source of info as we know)

Anyone who truly knows us knows how incredible he is as a person & the world hates any platform we have, so he’s going to create chaos to destroy it. Little does he know he’s making it stronger.

It’s not over. Keep watching.”

I mean, I get it… if the media was constantly bashing my dad, I’d be standing up for him too.

However, Urban has done zero favors for himself since the time he left Florida. From dipping on the Gators to “spend more time with family” and miraculously ended up at Ohio State, to the domestic violence cover up at Ohio State involving an assistant coach, which Meyer blamed on “forgetful memory due to migraines.”

And now, the shitstorm he’s created in Jacksonville.

When you’ve been a big time head coach for years, and stand on a huge platform (not to mention he’s 57-years-old), you have to have better judgement and accountability for yourself than what he’s shown so far.

ESPECIALLY, for a guy who constant preaches on integrity, honesty, and good character.

Needless to say, the Twitter world agrees with that too:

But honestly, who gives a shit what his daughter thinks?

What the players think is all that matters, and according to Mike Garafolo, their happy to watch him leave:


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