Matthew McConaughey Says Texas Governor Isn’t Off The Table: “I’m Not Gonna Say ‘No’ Forever”

Matthew McConaughey

After Matthew McConaughey’s strong consideration to run for governor of Texas, he hit us with the disappointing news that he would not be running this year

Emphasis on “this year.”

He’s even the guy that Texas citizens would love to see in office, after a poll dropped saying that he was the favorite.

However, you can’t really blame the guy for turning down the idea this year, as he only truly began to consider it during quarantine. On the other hand, he joined the Today Show, and brought up some intriguing points about a possible run next election, or sometime in the future.

When he was asked about why he considered making the shift from acting to politics, and then changed his mind, he said:

“It’s time for a new chapter. Time to figure out a way, an embassy, a category to where I get to go forward.

The most important thing on my plate is fatherhood, I’ve got three children 13, 11, 8, and when you have children you start thinking more about the future than I did before.

My family is number one for me right now. I still want to create, and keep telling stories.”

He then said the reason why he began to consider it was because he believes America needs a new narrative.

“We need a new narrative, and we need to be reminded of our old narrative.

America’s a folk song, we need to be reminded of the original lyrics, but also need to be reminded that the song’s still getting written.

Folk songs being written.”

When asked how he was going to make that happen, he responded:

“I’m going to continue to tell stories through my performance. Like I put out on my IG, ‘Invest back into businesses.’ We’ve seen how much business the last few years can create positive change.”

And then, he was asked the million dollar question.

He was asked if politics is a no forever. And his response?

“I’m not gonna say no forever. No, I’m not gonna say no forever, absolutely not. But this last year and a half just considering that sacred position of running for governor in the state of Texas…

I became very aware of what matters to me, what I think’s best for me, and the most amount of people at the same time.

It was a wonderful process, so no I’m not gonna say never. Politics is a sacred spot that  I have praise and honor for.”

So there ya have it.

There’s a good chance we could see Matthew McConaughey hold office at some point down the road.

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