Yellowstone Season 4: Go Behind The Scenes Of Episode 6 – “I Want To Be Him”

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We’ve got yet another badass behind the scenes look at Yellowstone Season 4’s latest episode, titled “I Want To Be Him.”

I’ve been wondering how the hell Summer and Beth were gonna react when they first met each other, considering their contrasting personalities.

And sure enough, this behind the scenes episode kicks off with Beth walking into the house to Summer in the kitchen, and they trade a couple “who the f*ck are yous?”

Kelly Reilly (Beth) gives her side to the meeting:

“Summer is someone that John Dutton meets and has some fling with. It turns out she actually doesn’t like it.”

Piper Perabo (Summer) then adds that she finds the whole thing funny, considering how scary Beth is compared to Kelly Reilly in real life.

Reilly then talks about how Beth is so protective of John, that a new woman in the picture poses as a threat to her.

She says:

“You do not want to be on the wrong side of Beth. If she considers you an enemy to her, or anyone she loves she’ll destroy you.”

Perabo then discusses the relationship between her and John, and how it kind of opens her eyes to a world that contrasts her own.

Luke Grimes (Kayce) then comes into the picture, and talks about how nice it is to have a place of their own, away from Yellowstone Ranch and the reservation:

“They decide to just strike it out on their own, they find this nice middle ground that’s their own spot… They’re trying to sort of put down their own roots.”

It then transitions to when Kayce is called to the reservation, after he gets a call about some horses being stolen.

“Low and behold the house that he goes to, is where Avery lives.”

Grimes then talks about how Monica is not happy about how Avery comes across as flirtatious to Kayce. Kelsey Asbille (Monica) adds that it’s fun to see Monica’s character change to a jealous person.

Finn Little (Carter) then discusses Carter’s transition to becoming a cowboy with Lloyd:

“It was really cool working with Forrie because he had experience on the ranch.”

Cole Hauser (Rip) then adds:

“What’s great about the consistency that Taylor writes about these characters that do come on to be cowboys, is that he has to work.”

Forrie J. Smith (Lloyd) then talks about how Carter is different than Jimmy, because he’s not a lost soul, and he brings this innocence to the ranch.

Ryan Bingham (Walker) also talks about Lloyd’s meltdown, smashing Walker’s guitar into pieces, and then stabbing him. That’s when they show the two fighting it out so that they can move on with the situation.

Check it out:

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