The Music Of Yellowstone Season 4 : The Panhandlers, Ryan Bingham & More Featured In Episode 6

Ryan Bingham country music

DAMN… Ryan Bingham ain’t gonna be playing no more songs on Yellowstone…

Every Sunday, we get the chance to add a few more songs to our league leading Yellowstone: The Soundtrack playlist, and every week, it just gets better and better.

The show obviously stars the very talented Ryan Bingham, and his music is featured pretty heavily, including this episode, but Taylor Sheridan and music supervisor Andrea von Foerster have showcased artists like Whiskey Myers (who even made an appearance as a bar band), as well as Tyler Childers, Sturgill Simpson, Cody Jinks, Chris Stapleton, Turnpike Troubadours and more.

Zach Bryan’s “Condemned,” made the show, and was rerecorded with producer Dave Cobb after the show made the introduction.

But on tonight’s episode, Episode 6 of Season 4, we got more from Ryan Bingham (before his guitar was smashed by Lloyd), as well as a Panhandlers (HUGE fan of them) tune written by Charlie Stout, and Gethen Jenkins.

“West Texas In My Eye” – The Panhandlers

“Take It Easy Mama” – Ryan Bingham

“Bottle In My Hand” – Gethen Jenkins

If you’re looking for the entire Yellowstone soundtrack, complete all through the first three episodes of Season 4, then look no further.

Our Yellowstone: The Soundtrack Playlist, featuring every song from every episode, updated in real time, every Sunday night.


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