Alec Baldwin Says He “Did Not Pull The Trigger” Of Prop Gun, Gives First Interview After Fatal On-Set Shooting

Alec Baldwin

There’s been a ton of different perspectives and opinions to come out of Alec Baldwin’s accidental shooting and killing of cinemaphotographer Halyna Hutchins.

And it pretty much comes down to one of two ways of thinking:

Option 1: The responsibility falls on the person with the gun in their hand, the person that pulls the trigger.

Option 2: Actors are not trained to use weapons and the responsibility falls on the prop master who hands them the gun.

That’s pretty much it…

But now, Alec is sitting down for an interview with ABC on Thursday to discuss the tragic accident, as the network released a teaser for the upcoming interview.

However, in the new teaser, he is making quite a surprising claim…

According to TMZ, he is claiming that he did not, in fact, pull the trigger of the prop gun that contained a live round.

In the 2 minute teaser, George Stephanopoulos questions Baldwin, and it’s easy to see that Baldwin is very emotional in the interview.

And in one of the questions, he is asked about pulling the trigger, which many who were on set of Rust are suing for, due to the fact that Alec pulling the trigger was not in the script for that day.

And he responded:

“Well, the trigger wasn’t pulled. I didn’t pull the trigger.”

Of course this is gonna raise a lot of eyebrows, as I’m sure many wonder if the gun misfired, or if Baldwin is simply in denial.

Hollywood weapons expert Steve Wolf made an effort to explain what he thinks Baldwin meant, saying that with the style of prop gun the actor was using, any slight amount of pressure on the trigger could cause the gun to fire.

I guess we’ll find out for sure what Baldwin meant when the interview drops tomorrow.

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