Yellowstone Stories From The Bunkhouse: The Crew Breaks Down Walker & Lloyd’s Bunkhouse Fight

What’s the rule about fighting Lloyd?

We’re only 4 episodes in and Yellowstone Season 4 has already brought us some fireworks. And while it’s hard to argue that finding out if everybody lived or not in Episode 1 was pretty intense, Rip beating the shit out of Lloyd cut DEEP.

On the latest episode of Stories From The Bunkhouse, Jefferson White (Jimmy), Ian Bohen (Ryan), and Denim Richards (Colby) discuss Jimmy’s letter to Mia and his trip to Texas with Taylor Sheridan, mullets, Teeter cooking, John Dutton’s relationship with his daughter Beth, the fight between Walker and Lloyd, and Beth’s job offer from Market Equities.

And while Beth’s story means more for the arc of the show, Rip, Walker and Lloyd in the bunkhouse was the big moment, and one that was surprising for the cast.

Jimmy says:

“I read that in the script and I couldn’t believe. Since Season 1, the one rule… no fighting. And when it was like Lloyd for… the tension between those two guys has been brimming so it finally kind of explodes in that moment.”

However, when it came to only beating up Lloyd and not Walker as well, the crew explains that Lloyd is the veteran, he has to set the example.

As Colby explains:

“Rip showing up and only beating up Lloyd… Lloyd when Rip is gone is supposed to be the anchor of the bunkhouse and Walker has already been the wildcard, he’s already shown that he doesn’t really listen, he’s not even really supposed to be there. 

If we all see that Lloyd can do that without any repercussions, what’s gonna keep anybody else from doing whatever they want? Llody had to made an example of.”

Jimmy adds:

“Rip has most loyalty to Lloyd but that also means that Lloyd also has the most responsibility and the consequences of betraying that loyalty is that much higher.”

Episode 5 this weekend… let’s GO.

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