Jimmy, Colby, & Ryan Break Down The Yellowstone Season 4 Premiere On “Stories From The Bunkhouse”

Now that we’ve finally gotten a true taste of Yellowstone Season 4, it’s been really cool to hear the perspectives of some of the stars from the show.

A couple days ago, we got a behind the scenes look at episode one, and now, we’re getting some good ol’ “Tales From The Bunkhouse,” featuring Jefferson White (Jimmy), Denim Richards (Colby), and Ian Bohen (Ryan).

White discusses the opening scene of Beth walking out of the office, where she nearly got blown to smithereens in, and how she casually walks out and asks for a cigarette.

Bohen said he would look for the first happy hour bar sign if he was in the situation, White said he’d go straight to a payphone and say “Sorry for whatever I did, please don’t blow me up again,” and Richards said he’d get a nice Cuban cigar.

They also discuss how they loved watching Kayce flip the switch, and go full-on war mode after the attacks on his family.

Then, we get the perspective from the guys on the question we’ve all been waiting for… who ordered the hit?

Bohen even said himself, he’s still not sure who the mastermind behind the attacks is.

They all agree that it’s impossible to guess who the attackers were at this point, as the Dutton’s have garnered so many enemies over time.

White also went in-depth about how big it was for Jimmy to get back on the horse after so many failed attempts, and almost losing his life. He said it was a “defining moment to John Dutton,” as John pleaded with him to stop doing rodeo.

The group then talked about the cooler scene with Roarke, who has yet to see true violence throughout the show.

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