Cowboys Fan Tries To Fight His Whole Family After Gut Wrenching Loss To The Raiders

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There’s never been a worse mood killer on Thanksgiving than being a Dallas Cowboys fan.

Seriously, you have a great day with the family, enjoying a ton of great food… just to watch the Cowboys lose a heart breaker later that night.

And this year… was the epitome of Dallas football on Thanksgiving.

After going down 30-22 with not much time left in the fourth quarter, the Cowboys clawed back to tie the game 33-33, sending the game into overtime.

That’s when the ‘Boys completely imploded, handing the Las Vegas Raiders a 36-33 win after a handful of no-brain penalties.

Needless to say, there was crying and gnashing of teeth going on in my household, and I was punching air.

However, this man took the loss a lot more personal…

And when I say personal, the guy was ready to fight his whole family.

In the video, you see the dude getting all up in his family member’s face, and even going as far as telling his other family members that their “macaroni and cheese was horrible.”


And the full video:

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