15 Of The Best Quotes From Yellowstone’s Leading Man, John Dutton

Kevin Costner John Dutton Yellowstone

John Dutton… patriarch of the Dutton empire.

For one of the most feared and influential people in the state of Montana, you’d think there wouldn’t be a never-ending line of people trying to fuck with him, but nevertheless, so goes it, day in and day out on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Kevin Costner does a fantastic job portraying America’s favorite badass, John Dutton, on the Paramount Network smash series Yellowstone, vowing to protect his family’s ranch by any means necessary.

Whether it’s his role as Livestock Commissioner, ranch owner, or even just as a father and grandfather, it’s never a dull moment for John.

To those who’ve seen the show, we know John is a hard-nosed, cut to the chase, unforgiving man, yet he does show flashes of a soft, tender-hearted guy at times. Either way, the show has given him ample opportunities to throw out some fantastic one-liners.

Let’s take a look at the 15 best John Dutton quotes from Yellowstone:

15. “This is America.. we don’t share land here.”

14. “Learn to be meaner than evil and still love your family and enjoy a sunrise.”

13. “All the angels are gone, son. There’s only devils left.”

12. “No one has a right. You have to take a right, or stop it from being taken from you.”

11. “Leverage is knowing that if someone had all the money in the world, this is what they’d buy.”

10. “Lawyers are the swords of this century. Words are weapons now. I need you to learn how to use them.”

9. “Well, if you’re marrying Beth, you’ve already proved you’re not scared of anything.”

8. “There’s a saying out here. If your daughter’s riding a horse, no one’s riding her.”

7. “Killin’s the one thing everything on this planet does to survive, Tate. It’s the one thing we all share. Now you share it, too.”

6. “No one will mourn your loss, son, because this isn’t losing your life… this is quitting it.” 

5. “All the promises I’ve made in my life son. If I didn’t love your mother so much, I’d break it. I swear to God I’d break it.”

4. “I have this new rule. I only carry my phone in places with no service, otherwise, that son of a bitch stays on the kitchen counter.”

3. “I’m gonna leave these holes just like this, right here in the middle of my field. And if you ever come back here again, I’m gonna fill ’em. Understand?”

2. It’s the one constant in life. You build something worth having, someone’s gonna try to take it.”

1. “You think you’re winnin’ this game? You don’t even know the goddamned rules. But don’t worry, I’m gonna teach ’em to ya.”

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