Ryan Bingham Delivers Stripped Down Version Of 2009 Tune, “Country Roads”

Ryan Bingham country music

One of my favorite phrases in the English language…

“Ryan Bingham acoustic.”

I mean, it’s one of my favorite phrases in any language, but English is really the only one I know. Some conversational Spanish, and select cuss words in a handful of other languages, but that’s about as far as my piss-poor small town Illinois education got me.

I digress…

Anyways, Ryan took to Instagram to deliver a quick and dirty acoustic version of “Country Roads.” A cut from his 2009 album, Roadhouse Sun, he slowed it down for this performance, letting the words do the heavy lifting.

“I wrote this song several years ago out on the rodeo trail.

I was living out of a Capri camper with a one eyed blue heeled dawg. Song is called “Country Roads” hope ya digs #NotDeadYet.”

Not entirely sure if “not dead yet” is referencing his appearance on Paramount Network’s smash series Yellowstone, as Ryan plays the part of Walker, the ranch hand who is on Lloyd’s last nerve (as we saw in last night’s Season 4, Episode 3).

Bingham’s mot recent album, American Love Song, was released in 2019 so we’re about due for something new. I’m sure filming Yellowstone and touring has cut into his recording time, but maybe he goes Marfa Tapes style and just records some demo-style tunes on his cell phone in the wilderness of Montana.

Wouldn’t be mad at that at all…

If you’re looking for more from Ryan Bingham and the entire Yellowstone soundtrack, complete all through the first three episodes of Season 4, then look no further.

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