Eric Church On Trippy “Heart On Fire” Music Video: “It’s Deep Fake Weird”

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Eric Church is in the midst of on hell of a run.

I mean honestly, there aren’t many people who’ve been a mainstay in country music over a 15-year span, and Eric Church has sustained it. But this past year in particular, he’s released a triple album and managed to run one of the biggest tours in the game through the pandemic… and it’ll be running all the way into 2022.

He recently met up with Amazon Music’s Country Heat Weekly podcast, and talked everything from winning Entertainer of the Year, his new album, The Gather Again Tour and more.

And when it came down to discussing the Heart & Soul triple album, he admitted his favorite album of the three:

“I like ‘Heart,’ ‘Heart’ is my favorite. I don’t know I’m a kid I grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, and it’s got a more southern heartland thing that I like.

My wife’s is ‘Soul,’ she’s more R&B and likes the dance stuff.

My kids they like the ‘&,’ because it’s a little different. It’s a little more subtle and stuff.”

Can’t say I disagree Eric.

He then discussed one of the wildest music videos I’ve ever seen, the video for “Heart On Fire.” In the video, he takes you through all of his past music videos, but his mouth is singing “Heart On Fire.”

It’s trippy as fuck.

He went in-depth about how they pulled that off, calling the whole thing “deep fake weird”:

“It’s kinda deep fake weird… it’s the weirdest thing watching your mouth do things it never did.

We shot the end when I’m sitting in front of the TV, and then we did the last part, but they put these dots with a little ink pen, and they put these dots all over my face, and they did these cameras that focused all on these dots.”

They knew where my facial profile was and I would have to turn this many degrees and lip synch the songs so it was was wild.”

But here’s where they hit a snag:

“The redneck in me… I don’t have the same facial hair through all that so my thing was, I said “well wait, you’re getting my mouth, but is it gonna matter that I don’t have the same facial hair?” And it was so funny, the guy goes… ‘Hmm, I don’t know’.

It’s like really smart people that don’t think of the most common sense thing… they thought of all the dots, they thoughts of all the 3D cameras, they didn’t think about the facial hair… all these MIT grads, and they didn’t think about the facial hair.”

And when it comes to making music videos in general, Eric answered with a resounding NO.

“No, not at all… No.”

Check out the full interview:

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