Joe Nichols Is Gearing Up To Release New Album, ‘Good Day For Living’

Joe Nichols
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I gotta say, Joe Nichols was criminally underrated back in the day.

“Brokenheartsville,” “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” “She Only Smokes When She Drinks,” I mean… the man had some HEATERS.

However, we haven’t gotten any new music from the guy since he dropped his 2017 Never Gets Old album.

That’s about to change.

Joe Nichols is gearing up to release his new album Good Day For Living on February 11th of next year.

With that being said, he also just dropped a brand new single, “Screened In,” today.

Nichols weighed in on the new project:

“For the first time in a long time, I don’t feel any pressure. I’m around great people.

I’m the type of person who’s always striving for more, but I’ve reached a place where I’m grateful for everything I’ve accomplished so far.

It’s been such a good run. I feel at peace, and that has freed me up to make new music that’s very honest.”

The album, produced by Mickey Jack Cones and Derek George, includes a Blake Shelton feature on “I Got Friends That Do,” and a plethora of well known songwriters, such as Rhett Akins and Randy Montana.

Nichols will also be releasing two more singles, “I Wanna Be Your Tonight” and “Good Day For Living,” before the official album drop.

Good Day For Living Tracklist:

1. “Brokenhearted” (Rhett Akins, Marv Green, John Thomas Harding)
2. “I Got Friends That Do” (feat. Blake Shelton) (DanickDupelle, Tebey Ottoh, Jimmy Thow)
3. “Home Run”*(Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, Ross Copperman)
4. “Dance With the Girl” (Jason Gantt, John Pierce, Emily Shackelton)
5. “I Wanna Be Your Tonight” (Philip O’Donnell, Wade Kirby, Marv Green)
6. “Good Day For Living” (Dave Cohen, Bobby Hambrick, Neil Mason)
7. “Screened In” (Neil Thrasher, Anthony Jerome Martin)
8. “That’s How I Grew Up” (Steven McMorran, Josh London, Adam Craig)
9. “Reckon” (Derek George, Randy Montana, Jeremy Stover)
10. “Why Can’t She” (Adam Craig, Jon Nite, Matt Rogers)
11. “One Two Step Closer”* (Justin Lantz, Clint Daniels, Lance Miller)
12. “Hawaii on Me”^ (Chris Janson, Will Nance, Kelly Roland)
13. “She Was” (Neal Lee Coty, Jimmy Edward Melton)

“Screened In”

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