Paul Rudd Was Named People’s Sexiest Man Alive And Once Again, Blake Shelton Is Getting Roasted In The Crossfire

Paul Rudd, Blake Shelton country music are posing for a picture
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

People Magazine has once again crowned their Sexiest Man Alive, and this year’s honor is bestowed up actor Paul Rudd.

Known for his roles in Anchorman, Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin, Friends, Ant-Man and more, Michael B. Jordan follows up guys like Channing Tatum, Edris Elba, Michael B. Jordan, and who could forget… country music’s own Blake Shelton.

And the world will never let them forget it.

Last year, Blake got roasted in the ricochet fire while people were congratulating Michael B. Jordan, and now that Paul Rudd has been named People’s Sexiest Man of 2021, Blake Shelton is once again taking a ton of shots in the Twitter crossfire.

People don’t forget…


I’m not sure if Blake is every going to live this one down…

It’ll be 2035, People Magazine will name some unknown actor that’s like 4 years old right now, and folks on Twitter will still be saying, “remember back in 2017 when Blake Shelton won and then the whole world went to shit right after that? I’m still mad about that.”

Mark my words.

Congrats to Paul Rudd though… giving hope to the funny guys everywhere.

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