Gym Creep Gets Banned And Arrested For Harassing Woman Trying To Work Out

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Lets face it. There are some absolute weirdos that come to the gym.

When you’re in a huge public space like that, you’re bound to find some people that, oddly enough, want to sit back and just watch people… and in some cases, harass people.

I mean honestly, do these people have fucking lives? I’m guessing not…

For one specific woman, she had to deal with an absolute freak show of a guy for several months at her home gym.

According to Distractify, Chelsea Gleason, a viral TikTok-er, had been dealing with this creepy dude harassing her at her local Crunch Fitness.

One day, she decided to film herself hitting some curls, when that same weirdo can be seen walking up to her.

He says something to her, sounding like he’s talking some sort of shit, and when he proceeds to get inches from her face she yells:

“DON’T come near me.”

Then he proceeds to walk away like the pathetic bozo that he is, tail tucked between his legs.

She posted a TikTok stating that the dude was banned from the gym (shoutout Crunch Fitness) after the instance, as he’d been harassing women for quite some time now.

He also was arrested for a past warrant.

“A male stranger had been bothering me for a few months in the gym, in this video, I happened to be recording my workout when he came up to talk nonsense, then got upset when I ignored him and got just inches away from my face.

In the end, he was banned and eventually arrested for a previous warrant.”

So here’s to Chelsea Gleason.

Our hero for the day.

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