Atlanta Braves Pitcher Tyler Matzek Almost Got Arrested At His Own World Series Parade

Tyler Matzek

Only three days removed from the Atlanta Braves winning the World Series, the team has finally been able to take the trophy back to their home city for the parade.

As you can imagine, the city is going absolutely bonkers after the win, as it’s been a whole 26 years since they won their last World Series.

It was a whole team effort to win of course, especially from the pitching staff. And one of the biggest heroes of the Braves in the postseason?

Relief pitcher Tyler Matzek.

The man had struggled at times during the regular season with consistency, but boy, the man was absolutely electric in the postseason (electric in the celebration as well).

Anybody who watched a Braves game this season, especially during the postseason, would know who Matzek is.

Except for the police apparently…

Matzek was living it up during the parade earlier, hyping up the crowd (and pounding a few Natty Lights… respect), and according to a video posted on Twitter, the cops thought he was just some random fan playing in the middle of the road.

They snatched him up in the street and surrounded him until they could verify that he was actually on the team. Meanwhile fans watching the parade were yelling at the cops that it was Tyler.

A pretty hilarious moment in the grand scheme of things.

ATL’s finest…

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